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Features/Tabs In Browse

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= Tabs in Browse =

== Summary ==
Pages to be opened in new windows are opened now in a small popup window without any controls. This feature opens those pages in a new tab inside the activity window.

== Owner ==
* Name: [[User:Tomeu| Tomeu Vizoso]]
* Email:

== Current status ==
* Targeted release: 0.86
* Last updated: July 6th 2009
* Percentage of completion: 50%

== Detailed Description ==
New pages will open in a new tab similarly to other browsers, though this feature isn't proposing any way for the user to explicitly open any link in a new tab.

== Benefit to Sugar ==
Some sites expect that new pages will open in a window with the same navigation capabilities of the main window. Currently those sites break when new pages are open in dialog-like windows.

== Scope ==
It requires changes in the Browse activity and in Hulahop (which is only used currently by Browse).

== How To Test ==
Go to a web page with links that open in new windows and check that after clicking on such a link, a new tab is created and the new page loaded there. Switch between tabs and check that the address bar changes accordingly and the buttons affect the current tab.

== User Experience ==
Links that used to open in a new window will open in a new tab inside the main window.

== Dependencies ==
The maintainer of Hulahop and Browse need to accept the patches.

== Contingency Plan ==
None necessary, revert to previous release behaviour.

== Documentation ==
None other than this page.

== Release Notes ==
Links that would open in a new window now open in new tabs inside the main activity window, so they don't loose the toolbar, nor notifications, etc.

== Comments and Discussion ==
* See [[Talk:Features/Tabs In Browse]] <!-- This adds a link to the "discussion" tab associated with your page. This provides the ability to have ongoing comments or conversation without bogging down the main feature page -->

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