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Support for Screencasting
:This suggests a wonderful use for the [[olpc:Record | Record]] (Camera) Activity. It would also crystallize the concept of a person, apart from a person's laptop. One could start recording people in their life by capturing an image or video of them. Once they register the person in a new registry, the images, videos, and all sorts of events and objects could be associated with the person. Sugar could extend their API to support the integration of real people with the laptop and school network. As you say, the Journal could then become an even more descriptive, connected, and complete learning record, and permit even more advanced learning and collaboration models. Great suggestion! --[[User:FGrose|FGrose]] 18:04, 16 March 2009 (UTC) I've entered it as a [[Development Team/Project Ideas#Registry for people | Development Team project idea]]. --[[User:FGrose|FGrose]] 19:00, 16 March 2009 (UTC)
==Support for Screencasting==
As a teacher with a little technical background I can say that SoaS will have a lot of trouble getting traction into the schools without a lot more training. That training could easily be generated with Screencasts by volunteers IF screencasting was better supported in SoaS. Please consider providing the libs and hooks for integrating a screencasting tool like [ RecordMyDesktop] into the GUI of SoaS so that students could show their teachers, parents, friends how SMART they are by letting them make their own movies of same... That will get people excited about SoaS much like what happened around the Phun Physics package... [ Phun] became one of the physics games of choice, for those without money, because of the tremendous number of kids producing Phun demonstrations on [ Youtube]. --[[User:Dennis Daniels|dgd]] 3Aug9
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