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0.86/0.85.2 Notes

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=== Ad hoc Networking ===
The new ad hoc networking facilities allows users to connect with each other over wireless in an ad hoc manner without infrastructure like an Access Point. This is the so called under a tree scenario. OLPC provided that functionality based on hardware mesh. This [[Features/Ad_hoc_Networking | feature]] allows to provide that functionality with nearly all the wireless hardware. Furthermore it allows you to do share an internet connection using the same mechanism.
=== Read ===
The read activity does support now Epub files. For getting epubs, and can be recommended. Furthermore this version will let you associate (add and edit) notes with your bookmarks, and has a slightly more useful fullscreen view (you can now get a rough idea of how much battery is left in your laptop/netbook without invoking the frame).
Thanks everyone for your great contributions!

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