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User:Dennis Daniels

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dgd> this worked right out of the box: ./sugar-jhbuild update ; ./sugar-jhbuild depscheck ;./sugar-jhbuild run
<silbe> dgd: great!
<dgd> silbe, yes! very good news!
<silbe> dgd: i still wonder why the DISPLAY=:0 changed anything for you
<silbe> dgd: but it's more important that it works now - reproducible, i hope :)
<dgd> silbe is this a better command ./sugar-jhbuild update ; ./sugar-jhbuild depscheck ;./sugar-jhbuild build ; ./sugar-jhbuild run
<silbe> dgd: i wouldn't recommend updating before every run
<dgd> silbe, may I ask why?
* ramoonas has quit (Remote closed the connection) <dgd> and does the build command help/hurt?<dgd> ?
<silbe> dgd: and if you chain depscheck in there, you can't read it's output (it won't do anything by itself, it just tells you to install packages)
<dgd> not before every run of course! I understand that... but once a day if I want the latest/greatest/most broken ;)
<silbe> dgd: it's hard to reproduce bugs if you update in the middle of your session :)

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