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One tester's attempt at installing SoaS

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#0845 reread instructions went here and discovered that apparently I have downloaded wrong file!!! :( I need an .img file instead?
#0850 go to irc...
#0854 suggested I go here:
:I've already done this Download the SoaS iso image from so now to install these three packages: syslinux, isomd5sum, and cryptsetup
::sdziallas> dgd: the wiki is a mess right now.
<sdziallas> dgd:
<sdziallas> dgd: those are the *official* (blink blink!) instructions for strawberry. let me see what else is in the wiki.
<sdziallas> dgd: and those are the instructions this is based on:
<satellit_> dgd:
<satellit_> you can dl usb .img or do your own
<sdziallas> dgd: the latest snapshots appear here: (however, those may be horribly broken - noting that again)

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