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==[[Teacher Reporting]]==
We, Wesley Dillingham, and Jeremiah Green hope to utilize modified Moodle modules and a customized XS School Server operating system. Our goal is to allow results and / or grades, from student activities to be readily available to teachers. Based on their wants and needs, the teachers can then generate custom reports on a class or student and have the ability to determine what types of problems students are finding most difficult. Additionally we would like to implement logic in the module which analyzes student activity and checks for a strict yes or no interpretation of whether or not each student understands various curriculum standards. In the end we imagine the XS environment running on an XO itself, allowing the teachers the same portability as the students.
==[[Math Munchers]]==
[[User:kdh7733|Kevin Hockey]] and Tom Sekovski are planning to put a new spin on the age old classic. Slightly different than the original, our Math Munchers will features six levels of puzzle type gameplay centered around a different curricular item for each level.
==[[Math4Team/RIT/Tips & Tricks|Tips & Tricks]]==

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