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===Project Ideas===
* Fix Ejabber
*** Status: Ejabber is running and working. XO's can communicate
*** To use Ejabber point XO server to
* Configure Moodle to our needs
** Status: currently under development
**Additionally, they can "check out" books and bring them home on their laptops to read at home, or while not connected to the XS.
*** Status: currently under development
**This may prove to be more economical than the proposal of distributing text via SDcards as it would allow for a wider range of content per available Gigabyte. One 40 gig hard disk library would hold 10 times as much content as ten, 4-GB SDcards replicated with identical content.
*** Status: currently under development
** Run said books through Pootle, so children have access to books not in their native tongue.
*** Status: currently under development
** Essentially, a backend to the read activity.
*** Status: currently under development
*In class quizzing. Teachers ask questions, students respond using their XO, quiz results stored on XS. (Think the [ I>clicker]) I believe similar concepts were proposed by [ Alex Jones]
*** Status: not started
**Possibility of parsing of information, possible graphical heuristics.
*** Status: not started
===Reading Library===


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