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== GSoC Project ==
=== Team ===  Karma started as a GSoC project with Felipe Lopez Toledo "SubZero" is creating a prototype for Karma as a Google Summer of Code project. the student participant and [[USER:BryanWB| Bryan Berry]] is serving as his mentor. [[User:ChristophD| Christoph Derndorfer]] is working on the draft specification. === [[Karma/To-Do|To-Do]] === === Project Requirements === * Create a single prototype activity which could be used as a template for sugarizing AJAX activities. The GSoC participant should not create her own activity but recreate an existing activity such as one of [ OLE Nepal's flash activities]. * This prototype should have the following features:** Simple interactive animation and audio using html5 tags like <canvas> and <audio>** An [[Karma/Assessment| assessment]] section that stores results of student's progress and gives them suggestions on improvement. Assessment info should be persistent. ** Uses simple html for the activity lesson plan and teacher notes.** Integrates with the Journal** Navigation and Help elements, ideally reusing widgets from [ jQuery]** Some element of collaboration using Telepathy (This could be really hard, depending on the state of javascript bindings to dbus)
=== Meetings ===
# Regular meeting between Felpe and Bryan every Tuesday 0215 UTC at #sugar on General GSOC meeting for participants Notes from Sugar every Tuesday 1400 UTC #sugarGSoC meetings -meeting Meeting Noteskept for archival purposes
* [[Karma:Meeting 12 May 2009]]
* [[Karma:Meeting 02 Jun 2009]]
=== Roadmaps ===
==== Subzero's University Thesis ====
Deadline: February
Goals: i18n mechanism, animation support, several good examples, final paper done
* i18n mechanism: i18n on Karma Objects, inline html i18n, html2po tool
* animation support: fps support, KGraphics events support
These milestones are logged on [ Launchpad]
==== 0.1 "Osito" ====
* Differences between html4 and html5
* [ Dive Into HTML5]
General Web Design
* The [ SVG Primer] a very detailed and in-depth resource
* [ Raphaeljs documentation]

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