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Propose a feature for addition into the release cycle
# Owner: The Feature must have a clear owner (The proposer of the feature and the owner can be the same person).
# Community consensus: You must reach consensus about the Feature There should be more YES than NO in the communityfor this Feature.#* Send an email to sugar-devel mailing list with [FEATURE] tag in the subject asking for feedback. This is to give the community(deployments, in particular the deploymentsdevelopers, teachers etc) the chance to comment.
#* If your feature adds UI or changes the current UI please add as well the [DESIGN] tag to the subject. The Design Team should be involved in the discussion to guarantee a consistent design and a consistent work flow in Sugar.
# Documentation: In order to be considered an official feature accepted for the next Sugar release, the feature should be formally documented on a separate wiki page. The wiki page is the same page than the one from above (a blank template is available at [[Features/Feature Template]]). Please make sure it includes the following information.

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