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Propose a feature
== Propose a feature ==
Community members are encouraged to create new pages for features that enhance or improve Sugar. Anyone can propose new features for Sugar, even if you can't cannot build it yourself. Of course, the every feature needs an owner to work on it during the release cycle to make it into a release. If the community agrees on the need for the feature, their are good chances we will try to find resources to do that taskwork on it. For proposing a feature you need to do (these pages do not have to be complete and are useful for brainstorming or work in process):
# Copy the markup from the [[Features/Feature Template]]
#* The template adds <code><nowiki>[[Category:Feature Page Incomplete]]</nowiki></code> to the wiki page. This means that it is not part of the release cycle. See below on how to request inclusion.
# Put a watch on your page by clicking the watch link so you can see changes other people make to your page.
#* '''Note:''' You must be logged in to do this.
'''Note:''' Feature pages do not have to be complete as they are useful for brainstorming and for describing work in process. If you do not cannot work on the feature itself yourself and are looking for other people that might be interested, you can should mail the sugar -devel mailing list and discuss it there. The feature page stated described above should be filled out as good completely as possible though to have a base for the debatesubsequent discussion.
== Propose a feature for addition into the release cycle ==

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