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Features/Font configuration

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Current status
[[Category:Feature Page IncompleteAccepted 0.88]]
[[Category:Feature|Font configuration]]
== Current status ==
* Targeted release: (SUGAR_VERSION)0.88* Last updated: (DATE)11.01.2010
* Percentage of completion: 10%
* sugar.activity.activity sets the default GTK+ font based on them.
Next steps(implemented in [ sugar-settings-manager]) :
* Implement an xsettings daemon (hopefully in-process).
** This will eliminate the need to manually set GTK+ fonts in sugar-session and sugar.activity.activity, since GTK+ init routines will contact the settings daemon and learn of the settings.
** It will also mean that activities that are not based on sugar.activity.activity have an easy way to find out the font settings, and all GTK+ apps will "just work"
* Deprecate FONT settings in
* Add user interface
== How To Test ==
# Set font settings in GConf then launch sugar - do they take effect?
# # To set the GConf key manually, use the gconftool-2 command from Terminal (''gconftool-2 --set -t string /desktop/sugar/font/default_face Serif'' and ''gconftool-2 --set -t float /desktop/sugar/font/default_size 16'')## After setting the key, you need to restart Sugar# (WARNING: This part of the Feature has not landed yet) Go into the control panel and change the font - whole desktop should be instantly updated.
== User Experience ==

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