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Fortune Hunter

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http{{:Fortune Hunter//}}== Abstract ==
:Effective education is an important and serious issue in all regions of the world. The focus of Fortune Hunter is to provide and promote additional educational tools through technology to make knowledge more fun, interesting, free and available to students of the world and make recognizable this new means of future public service. Fortune Hunter provides supplemental educational mathematics material to its players. We are consulting the effectiveness of education through unconventional means, specifically video games. People learn easily through experience more than standard teaching methods. We stray away from standardized questioning and focus on inherent problem solving skills via various mathematical concepts. One of the highlights of this process is the ability to commit to an open community of users, developers, and interest groups and spread awareness. The project will not reach a finite state ever, which allows for continual growth and development, primarily based on constructivist feedback of students. It's hard to make useful software free and widely available. We will provide thousands of children with additional learning resources. MAFH players will learn in and out of the classroom while having fun simultaneously. Being available for an entire world of learners (on XO and PC), we provide statistic tracking and analytical models for teachers and students to easily follow and understand. There was a 20% increase in math scores for students who used educational math games in 2009. Education is a valuable tool and to provide a new free learning experience that catches on will alter the world.
== Getting Started ==
:Welcome to the Fortune Hunter<sup>'''TM'''</sup> Hunter™ experience! Please use the '''[ Navigation Panel]''' located at the top and bottom of each page to move around the wiki. A '''Table of Contents''' is located in the upper-right corner of each page as well.
:Also note that in order to get the full extent of our efforts, we have divided the project into two separate XO activities. Fortune Hunter is a playable adventure game and Fortune Maker<sup>'''TM'''</sup> Maker™ is a custom level / story creator. They are both available and work hand in hand.
:Here is a brief outline of what to expect on each page of the Fortune Hunter wiki:
:''Home'' - This is the central hub for Fortune Hunter Hunter™ and Fortune MakerMaker™. Come here to check out the latest news, info, releases, to learn about the project, and to brush up on your Fortune Hunter Hunter™ vocabulary.
:''Developer's Corner'' - This is the developer's hub for Fortune Hunter Hunter™ and Fortune MakerMaker™. Go there to contact / learn about the team, submit ideas and comments, join the team, and keep track of the milestones and objectives during production.
:''Game Mechanics'' - Learn about the game play. Anything related to the game's functionality is located here.
:''Game Elements'' - Learn about the characters, enemies, items, weapons, armor, etc. here!
:''Game Features'' - Here is the place to check out details on some unique Fortune Hunter Hunter™ game features.
:''Fortune Maker'' - Learn everything there is to know about Fortune MakerMaker™, the user custom level creator.
:''Dungeon Guide'' - Follow the story arc of Fortune HunterHunter™, as well as view a detailed play through guide outlining each dungeon, level, cutscene, and FMC.
:''Education'' - Interested in utilizing Fortune Hunter Hunter™ in the classroom? Learn about the educational material in the game and check out customizable lesson plan! Also learn how to use Fortune Hunter Hunter™ as reinforcement material outside of the classroom.
:''Media'' - Come here to see pictures, videos, and read articles showing others having fun with Fortune HunterHunter™ and Fortune Maker™!
== Helping Out ==
You can do your part! Would you like to help us? We are seeking people of all skills to help in any way possible. We would like some python programmers, artists, designers, testers, translators to name a few things. Nearly anything can and will be useful to us, so don't be shy about saying HEY! To get started, send an email to [].
== News Feed ==
:This spot is dedicated to larger news announcements regarding the project.
:&rarr; 0111.2714.10 - Our first public release We are currently out of active team members, so progress is expected to halt for a while. If you are interest, please contact []; we would love to have you help out. Jon Meschino is always available for questions or help and you can keep an eye on his [ blog] for Fortune Hunter<sup>'''TM'''<updates. If you want to jump into it, you can find a to-do list at our [>1 Trac page]!! Please scroll down this page to the DOWNLOAD section to get a copy for yourselfThanks, and I'll update again when there is need.
:&rarr; 0110.2210.10 - Celebrations are in order! We are planning currently working on a Fortune Hunter release 3.0! :&rarr; 02.05.10 - New links added to MEDIA section. :&rarr; 02.02.10 - Our first public release of Fortune Hunter<sup>'''TM'''</sup> by Mather™!! Please scroll down this coming Wednesday, page to the DOWNLOAD section to get a copy for yourself. :&rarr; 01.27.10- Our first public release of Fortune Hunter™! Be sure and check ! Please scroll down this page to the download DOWNLOAD section to visit the link and get your own a copy!for yourself.
:&rarr; 01.15.10 - Yet another wiki reformat. We have spread the pages more thin to increase ease of access and use. The Navigation Bar has all of the pages listed.
:&rarr; 12.07.09 - Created a working XO activity file. [ File can be found here]
:&rarr; 12.04.09 - Watch game demos on [ maFortuneHunter our youtube channel] == Download == :Download the newest release of '''Fortune Hunter'''™ and '''Fortune Maker'''™!  '''PYGAME Library''' is required for play. Should be already installed on XO. To install Pygame on other OS, visit the [ pygame download page].  :[ Download Fortune Hunter™] :[ Download Fortune Maker™]  === Release Notes === <table><tr><td><div style="border: 1px solid black; width: 275px; padding: 5px;"><div style="border-bottom: 1px solid black">'''''Fortune Hunter''™ - Release Version 4'''</div> &rarr; Coming soon! This release will see the game leave the experimental phase. </div><div style="border: 1px solid black; width: 275px; padding: 5px;"><div style="border-bottom: 1px solid black">[ '''''Fortune Hunter''™ - Release Version 3''']</div> &rarr; Alpha public release! Improved game stability. Game now public on activities site. &rarr; Python Imaging Library no longer a requirement to run game. &rarr; Removed implemented FMCs for further testing/work efficiency.
:&rarr; 11.12.09 - MPG has become Mathematical Adventure: Fortune Hunter<sup>'''TM'''<Added /sup> (MAFH<sup>'''TM'''</sup>)! This name change is permanentupdated GUI graphics.
:&rarr; 11Minimap updated.12.09 - Fortune Hunter now has a [ blog]!
:&rarr; 11Updated combat system.12.09 - Join the Fortune Hunter [http:Removed item usage//groupsequipment from combat.googleAdded SEARCH option in mailing list] via Google Groups and stay up This allows players to date with our progress and news info!obtain data on enemies. Can be viewed in Bestiary (coming soon).
:&rarr; 09Inventory menu changed to Pause Menu.22Press check and square with menu open to switch between on screens.09 - Current GIT repository can be found [http:This allows for more space// here]readability.
&rarr; Merchant graphics updated.
== Download ==&rarr; Merchant shop screen updated for easier use. &rarr; Dungeons graphic types added! Ice, Astral, Sand dungeons now in game! &rarr; Dungeons properly broken up into 5 levels. &rarr; Added 3 more dungeons to content. &rarr; Added more enemy types! Cave Yeti and Bonesprout now in game! &rarr; Adjusted game difficulty. Should be easier to play. &rarr; Added ice audio soundtrack to ice dungeon!
:Download the newest release of '''Fortune Hunter'''<sup/div>'''TM'''</sup> and '''Fortune Maker'''<suptd>'''TM'''</suptd valign="top">!
<div style="border: 1px solid black; width: 275px; padding: 5px;">
<div style="border-bottom: 1px solid black">'''''Fortune Maker''™ - Release Version 2'''</div>
:[http://activities&rarr; In Download Fortune Hunter<sup>'''TM'''</sup>]
</div><div style="border:1px solid black; width: 275px; padding: 5px;"><div style="border-bottom: 1px solid black">[ Download 4274 '''''Fortune Maker<sup>'''TM™ - Release Version 1''']</supdiv> (coming soon)]
&rarr; Initial release for preview!
=== Release Notes ===&rarr; Basic GUI implemented.
 <div style="border: 1px solid black; width: 250px275px; padding: 5px;"><div style="border-bottom: 1px solid black">[ '''''Fortune Hunter''<sup>'''TM'''</sup> - Release Version 2''']</div>
&rarr; Alpha public release! This release is a bit buggy. Noticeably the introductory animation. Game runs smoother with VM than it does on the XO.
&rarr; Initial graphics and audio in place.
<div style="border: 1px solid black; width: 250px; padding: 5px;">
<div style="border-bottom: 1px solid black">[ '''''Fortune Maker''<sup>'''TM'''</sup> - Release Version 1''']</div>
&rarr; release coming soon...
<tr><td><div style="border: 1px solid black; width: 250px275px; padding: 5px;"><div style="border-bottom: 1px solid black">'''''Fortune Hunter''<sup>'''TM'''</sup> - Release Version 1'''</div>
&rarr; Closed release.
=== License ===
'''Mathematical Adventure: Fortune Hunter<sup>'''TM'''</sup> Hunter™ by Jonathan Meschino, Eric Kenvin, Justin Lewis, Kevin Hockey, David Silverman, Preston Johnson, Mike DeVine is licensed under a [ Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License].'''
Sugar Labs has our express permission to use this work for commercial purposes.
== Navigation / Important Links ==
:* [ Sugarlabs Sugar Labs Git Repository - "Project XAVIER"]- Fortune Hunter & Fortune Maker
:* [ Fortune Hunter Blog]
:* [http fortunehunter Fortune Hunter Mailing List]
:* [ Fortune Hunter IRC Channel ] (#mafh)]
:* [ Fortune Hunter Youtube Channel]
:* [ Trac Bug Tracker]
== Introduction ==
:Mathematical Adventure: Fortune Hunter draws on teaching children of a global scale fourth grade mathematics through the guise of a dungeon styled adventure game. Players will be able to explore dungeons and fight fearsome battles with various monsters, each requiring special attacks pertaining to a unique mathematical conceptto defeat. The player controls a protagonist that must progress through maze-like dungeons, solve puzzles / problems, and defeat enemies in a two dimensional world. It is a single player adventure with room for ad hoc cooperative play in the future.
:MAFH<sup>'''TM'''</sup> MAFH™ follows the story of Arith, a determined young researcher dedicated to finding all of the world’s best hidden secrets. One day she stumbled across a piece of blank papyrus during the time she spent studying in Egypt on a dig site. She quickly brought it to her best friend and colleague, Lytic. They were determined to find out more about this strange paper, but the two could not unearth its secrets in such a short time. To them, it was just a blank piece of ancient material.
:Two months later, the dig ever deeper into the earth, Arith noticed a faint glow emanating from a random pile of dirt. “What’s that over there?” she asked Lytic, who was standing nearby with his shovel. Digging it out, Lytic noticed that it was a small amulet. It let off the strangest beautiful teal glow. “Strange,” he remarked. Lytic stared deep into the light, his eyes widening as if in a trance. "Just what are you?" he questioned. The glow got even brighter and then went dim again. Now the amulet appeared to be as plain as any other stone. Confused, the two left the site to turn in for the night.
:• '''Defense Power''': The ability to minimize damage dealt. The higher the defense, the less damage is received.
:• '''Dungeon''': A map in the game consisting series of multiple rooms where the player must progress to gain entry levels connected to one another following the exitsame theme, ending with a boss fight.
:• '''Enemy''': A hostile opponent faced in the game.
:• '''Key Item''': Important items found in the game required for progression.
:• '''Level''': A map consisting of multiple rooms which the player must explore in order to find the exit.
:• '''Macro Map''': A larger version of the mini map. It allows players to see a greater area.

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