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Development Team/Code guidelines

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Buildbot: currently buildbot is only running the test suites (no style checks), reflect that in the wording and show how to do the same
We are running periodic builds of Sugar using [ Buildbot]. If you break the build you are responsible to get it fixed. If you don't, the release team will take care of it, most likely by reverting your patch. More in detail:
* Every change that causes build or check test suite failures should be immediately fixed or reverted.* Every change that causes check pylint or PEP8 warnings should be fixed or reverted within 24 hours.
You can use pass the <code>--check command in jhbuild </code> option to [[Development Team/Jhbuild|Jhbuild]] to execute the same checks that [ Buildbot] is doing: ./sugar-jhbuild buildone -n --check sugar-artwork
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