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Development Team/Jhbuild

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Prerequisites: no Mac support, update svn repo remark
: The sugar-jhbuild command is a Python script, so you need the Python interpreter.
; git
: To get the source code of sugar-jhbuild itself and many other Sugar packages you need the <ttcode>git</ttcode> command-line tool from the distributed version control system of the same name. In many distributions the minimal package you need to install is "git-core".
; svn
: A few packages (as of September 2009January 2010, only squeakand part of etoys) do not yet use git, and you need the <ttcode>svn</ttcode> command-line tool from the Subversion version control system to get their source code.
These should be enough to run sugar-jhbuild itself on a typical Linux or Mac installation. Running <ttcode>sugar-jhbuild depscheck</ttcode> (see below) will probably list dozens of additional required packages.
==Check out sugar-jhbuild==

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