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SoaS Blueberry Instructions

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For Windows Users: clarify instructions, move out confusing alternatives.
* # Download the latest version of the '''Fedora LiveUSB Creator''' from http[ and extract it/#Download FedoraHosted here].* # Plug a blank target USB flash drive (or SD Card) into your computer (minimum 1-gigabyte1GiB or greater).* # Launch LiveUSB Creator.* # Select '''Sugar on a Stick v2 Blueberry''' in the drop-down menu on the upper-right side to download the liveUSB disk image. Alternatively, download Blueberry [ here], then hit the Browse button and select the downloaded file.* # Adjust the Persistent Storage slider. This enables you to save the child's work in Sugar onto the device.* # Select your flash drive as the target and click the '''Create Live USB''' button.* # Wait for the process to finish, then close the LiveUSB Creator program.* # Stop your flash drive using the '''Safely Remove Hardware''' dialog and eject it.
* If you do this often, you may want to download the Blueberry [ CD Image] once. Then, when it comes to create the flash drive, hit the Browse button and select the downloaded file rather than selecting "Blueberry" from the menu as above.
=== For GNU/Linux Users ===

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