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Gardner Pilot Academy

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==Gardner Pilot Academy==
Boston Public Schools - Allston - working as of 2010-03-10)
GPA is partnering with Solution Grove and Sugar Labs to pilot [[Sugar on a Stick]].
* A computer lab with about 20 EVO D500 1.7 GHz Pentium 4, 500 MB RAM computers running Windows 2000
* 20 new Apple laptops in a mobile cart, a.k.a. a [[ What is a COW?|COW]], (OSX, GPA [[Student Macbooks hardware details]], no Parallels)
* Each teacher has a MacBook with Parallels 3.0
We are hoping that the kids can create a US version of the Uruguay geography/facts game. Any ideas on how to make that easy to do? The vision is they will learn things in class then make them into questions to put into the game. We will meet with the third grade on Thursday afternoons.
===Class notes===
* 5 August GS - [ August GS]* 29 July GS - [ July GS]* 28 July AG - [ July AG]* 23 July AG - [ July AG]* 22 July GS - [[GPA-Notes-July-22]] and July GS] - [[GPA-Notes-July-22]]* 21 July CM - [ July CM]* 15 July - [ 15 July]* 14 July GS - [ July GS]* 14 July AG - [ July AG]* 09 July - [ July]* 08 July - [ July]* 07 July - [ July]* 07 July XS report - [ July XS report]* 01 July - [ July]* Photos of work samples - [ of work samples]
==Looking for Summer Volunteers and Work-Study Students==
=== More Detailed Sub Goals ===
From our Balanced Score Card: http[ Score Card]:
The Student Learning Section is copied here:
Notes on Curriculum from conversation with Assistant principal.
* Fundations for Phonics K-3 - [] for Phonics K-3* Making Meaning and Being a Writer for 1 - 5 fluency - http[* Investigations Making Meaning and Being a Writer] for K1 -5 math - httpfluency* [] for K-5 math* Foss program for science - [ program] for science
* Massachusetts Curriculum guidelines - [ Curriculum guidelines]
=== Sugar Computer Lab Lesson Plans ===
* Access to Internet (bw?)
* 1 x 1GB USB stick (model?) per kid
* Sugar on a Stick, Strawberry release -[Sugar on a Stick/Strawberry]
'''Status for the Computer Lab'''
==Critical Path Technical Issues==
* [[{{bug|75 Ticket 75]]}} Backup and Restore of user data on a USB Stick - We need to be able to reburn the sticks with new code without losing student work. Also sticks are failing and kids are losing their work.
* There had been a problem with cloning sticks that had been booted (in order to load drivers and add journal content). It is necessary to delete the owner keys and the user profile data as per
== How you can help - Technical Tickets ==
All GPA tagged tickets here: <br>http[ also GPA tagged tickets]
High level deployment issues are listed here:<br>See also Greg Smiths [ message] on sugar-devel. High level deployment issues are listed on [[Sugar on a Stick/TODO]].
The following tickets will help this deployment.
* Sugarized Tux Paint
* [[{{bug|74 Ticket 74]] }} Clone a Stick. Let a teacher customize a Sugar Stick then clone it, without files or personality, for students to use.
* Can't get Computer Lab Machines to Boot from USB''' - The BIOS says it should be trying to boot from the USB but its not looking at the USB. A google search confirms that this is not a sugar problem, its an EVO D500 problem. I'm hoping we find a solution.{{bug|599 }}
Google Search on EVO D500 usb boot gives this result:
* Boot Helper Floppy - This is easier then a CD because the computer has to be turned on to open the CD Drawer and put in the CD then you have to turn it off again and reboot.{{bug|597}}
* [[ Ticket {{bug|579]]. }} We have several donated computers. A requirement for the donations was that we wiped the harddrives. Thus it would be great if we had an installable operating system enabled quick user switching between USBs. This is also impacted by {{bug|907}}, described below.
* [[{{bug|598 Ticket 598]] }} and [[ Ticket {{bug|907]] }}. One way to enable faster switching between Windows and Sugar is a Virtual Machine solution that will allow students to put in their USB Sticks and use all the personal data from the Sticks so they can use any computer. To do this we need to change the way we put data onto the USB and use different partitions for the boot and the data (Ticket {{bug|907}}).
==== Sugar Feature Requests ====
This link records an in process list of priorities for Sugar development with a focus on success at the Gardner Pilot Academy: <br>
[[Sugar_on_a_StickSugar on a Stick/Goals]]
Other feature requests by {{PAGENAME}} are in [[:Category:Features requested by Gardner Pilot Academy]]
It is extracted from this thread on the Sugar Devel List: <br>[ thread] on the Sugar Devel List.
Please propose additional suggestions on that list. After clarifying and validating the Feature Requests, add them to the Goals page.

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