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Development Team

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== Meetings ==
The development team has a regular IRC meeting (See the Sugar Labs [[Sugar Labs#Calendar/Events|calendar]]). Find out more about the meeting time and upcoming and earlier meetings [[Development Team/Meetings|here]]. Help: [[Sugar_Labs/ContactsCommunication channels#IRC.2C_Internet_Relay_Chat |Using IRC]]
== Mini tutorials ==
== Kill Bugs! ==
* Help test. See [[{{Upcoming Stable Release}}/Testing]].
* See our bug tracking system http
* Join the [[BugSquad]].
* Want to work on an interesting Sugar project, or have an idea of your own? Check the [[Development Team/Project Ideas|project ideas]] page.
* Prepare a new Sugar [[Features/Policy|Feature]].
* See the [[Summer of Code]] and [[Sugar Summer Program]] effortsproject; ideas, students, mentors, and organization help are welcomed.
==Platform Release Cycles==

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