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Development Team

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The development team has a regular IRC meeting (See the Sugar Labs [[Sugar Labs/Events|calendar]]). Find out more about the meeting time and upcoming and earlier meetings [[Development Team/Meetings|here]]. Help: [[Sugar_Labs/Communication channels#IRC.2C_Internet_Relay_Chat |Using IRC]]
== Team Lead lead ==
The Development Team coordinator position carries administrative tasks such as organizing regular meetings, keeping the TODO list updated, keeping the membership list updated, and making sure that the team has clear goals and is kept focused. We are currently accepting nominations for an election for this position, see [[Development_Team/Team_Lead_Candidates_2010_05]].
== Release manager ==We have defined the role of the release manager for the past 3 releases as the following: * Setting the schedule.* Making sure that the [[Features/Policy]] is followed by submitters.* Keeping this wiki updated with the released modules and making sure to have final release notes available.* Sending email reminders about approaching Freezes, tarball due dates, etc. == Schedule ==The schedule is based on [ GNOME releases], a 6-month release cycle.* [ GNOME 2.31.x Development Series].<!-- == Mini tutorials == The development team hosts mini tutorials covering short (five-minute) topics relevant to writing Sugar activities. Please refer to the [[Development Team/Mini tutorials|Mini tutorials page]] to sign up for teaching a topic.-->
== Development systems ==

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