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== [[Fortune_Hunter| Mathematical Adventure: Fortune Hunter]] ==
{||width=50 valign="top"|Status{:|width=200 valign="top"|<font color="red">Released Prototype<Fortune_Hunter/font><br><font size="-2">Development Temporarily on hold</font>|width=100 valign="top"|Group Members:|valign="top"|[[User:KnightMearh| Jonathan Meschino]], [[User:esk7610| Eric Kenvin]], [[User:DaveSilver| David Silverman]], [[User:Kdh7733| Kevin Hockey]], [[User:Jlew|Justin Lewis]], [[User:MikeDeVine| Mike DeVine]]|status}}
Fortune Hunter draws on teaching children of a global scale fourth grade mathematics through the guise of a dungeon styled adventure game. Players will be able to explore dungeons and fight fearsome battles with various monsters, each requiring special attacks pertaining to unique mathematical concept to defeat. The player controls a protagonist that must progress through maze-like dungeons, solve puzzles / problems, and defeat enemies in a two dimensional world.

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