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* Edit the spec file. Typically this involves adding a new patch, which is done by adding a <tt>PatchNN:</tt> tag and a corresponding <tt>%patchNN</tt> rule in <tt>%setup</tt>. Some of the intricacies of RPM spec files are unveiled in the [ Fedora Packaging Guidelines].
* Remember to bump Increase the revision release number after each change or your package won't be seen as an update relative to what is in the cache!.
* <tt>make i586</tt>
* Wait for rpmbuild to do its job * Now upload this Upload rpm to a yum repository and add it to the ini file used by the OLPC OS builder.
* To automate this step, we have a rule <tt>make uploadrpm</tt> which points at the Dextrose repository. Edit <tt>rpms/common/Makefile.common</tt> or <tt>rpms/common/uploadrpm</tt> to retarget this rule to your repository.
== Building custom OLPC kernels ==

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