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== Hostnames ==
== Hardware ==
[[Machine/jita]] == Administrative contact == git AT sugarlabs DOT org == Sysadmins = Location =Hosted by For non-emergency calls, preferably send email to the [http://www.osuosladministrative Open Source Lab]
== Admins ==* OSL Support <support AT> (ask here for anything that requires root access)* Lance Albertson <lance AT>, Ramereth on #osuosl Freenode* [[User:Berniealsroot|Bernie InnocentiAleksey Lim]], bernie on #sugar Freenode* [[User:LFaraone|Luke Faraone]], lfaraone on #sugar Freenode* [[User:sascha_silbe|Sascha Silbe]], silbe on #sugar Freenode''puppet related stuff is still in progress of settling down''
== Notes ==
=== Web interface ===[http://admingitorious.osuoslorg/ Gitorious] {| class="wikitable"|-!scope="row" | Home|{{Code|/srv/phpmyadmingitorious}}|-|}
=== Gitorious environments ===
=== Restart gitorious after code/config changes ===
touch tmp/restart.txt
== Upgrade notes ==
Upgrade will be triggered on every puppet session, vcs repository will be rebased to the HEAD commit.

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