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=== Gitorious environments Database tweaks ===
We do not have root on Put the following aliases To make runtime changes in your~/.bashrc to quickly switch to the Gitorious productiondatabase, test and developmentenvironmentsfollow regular Rails workflow - run {{Code|scripts/console}}:
alias cd /srv/gitorious='sudo su - gitorious'/app alias gittest='sudo su - gittest' alias gitdevu gitorious RAILS_ENV='sudo su - gitdev' alias db='mysql -h -u sugarlabs_git -p sugarlabs_git_dev'production script/console
=== Get a MySQL prompt ===type "db" at the promptIt is regular Ruby console and all feature like {{Code|TAB}} completion work. To tweak Gitorious data, then give the db passwordfrom ~just use its [ model classes], e.g.yml:
# search of particular object by its attributes user =User.find_by_login("user") project == Change User.find_by_title("project owner ===") # change object attributes UPDATE projects SET user_idproject.owner =User.find_by_email(SELECT id FROM users WHERE login='jasg'"foo@bas") WHERE slug='labyrinth';! # destroy object and all its dependencies user.destroy
=== Change repo owner Tips === UPDATE repositories SET user_id=(SELECT id FROM users WHERE login='jasg') WHERE name='mainline' AND project_id=(SELECT id FROM projects WHERE title='poll');
=== Add committer === INSERT INTO committerships SET user_id=(select id from users where login='bernie'), repository_id=(SELECT id FROM repositories where project_id=(SELECT id FROM projects WHERE title='sugar') AND name='mainline'), kind=2, created_at=NOW(), updated_at=NOW(); === Hijack account to # reset user password === update users set emailuser ='YOUREMAIL' where login='USER'; Then make Gitorious send you a password reset emailUser.find_by_login("user") update users set emailpassword_key ='OLDEMAIL' where login='USER'; === Zapping a user account === WARNING: to kill a user account, make sure you also remove *ALL* its associated recordsfrom all tables, or Gitorious will break in non-obvious ways SELECT id FROM users WHERE login='demian'; DELETE FROM committers WHERE user_id=666; DELETE FROM events WHERE user_id=666; DELETE FROM comments WHERE user_id=666; DELETE FROM merge_requests WHERE user_id=666;forgot_password! DELETE FROM repositories WHERE user_id=666; DELETE FROM projects WHERE user_id=666; NOTE: tch pointed out that Rails applications often provide a higher-level methodin class User which deletes the record and its associated entriesMailer. Howeverdeliver_forgotten_password(user, ourdeployed version of Gitorious does not seem to provide it. === Restart gitorious after code/config changes === touch tmp/restart.txtpassword_key)
== Upgrade notes ==
Upgrade will be triggered on every puppet session (if there is such need), vcs repository will be rebased to the HEAD commit with all related changes like database migration.

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