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1,866 bytes added, 18:19, 8 February 2011
CP/software updates today to sweets sugar 0.88.1 in Ubuntu 10.1
===CP/software updates today to sweets sugar 0.88.1 in Ubuntu 10.10===
CP/software updates today to sweets sugar 0.88.1 in Ubuntu 10.10
02/08/2011 sugar-terminal;
sudo su
*in CP/software Update
28 updates:
Paint 31 works;
>Colors 15 starts; no Pen/Brush
Typing Turtle 26 works;
Words 4 works;
Visual match 27 works;
Stopwatch 4 works;
Spirolaterals 14 works;
>Scratch 20100321 Not installed
>Ruler 7 starts cannot move slide rule sides
Labyrinth 11 works;
>Maze 6 starts; no motion on mouse clicks
Moon 11 works;
Tux-Paint 5 works;sound
Physics 8 works;
>TamTam Mini 54 (failed to load)
Measure 32works;
>Read 79>86(shows icon on list) 79 loaded;starts but will not open .pdf or .epub; failed-(known bug)
Abacus 19 works;
FotoToon 5 works;
>>Pippy 37>38(shows icon on list) 37 loaded works;<<
Memorize 36 works;sounds
Arithmetic 2 works;
Implode 10 works;
GCompris 15 (not loaded in test VB-too large)
Turtle Machine 10 works;
Get Books 5 works;Epub cannot return to same to reload .pdf (force quit);start new; works;
>TetrisMat 1 does not work;crashes on sub menu
Record 87 works; audio only VB4 OSX
*Installed from sweets-distribution
moon works;
terminal 31 works; but icon [# ] causes crash sudo su works
IRC 8 (from ASLO) works;
Slider-Puzzle 8 works;
FlipSticks 8 works;
Poll 27 works;
speak 20 works; good sound
>Firefox -6 (from ASLO) not tested only partially sugaized so has to frame icons..long wait exit)
surf 115 works (from ASLO)
e-toys 116 added after reinstall from symantic
starts from gnome and sugar
saves to journal from sugar
Backup to external USB works
Restore from External USB (msg close open applications first) restart WORKED
*IRC Freenode #ubuntu-sugarteam

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