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<noinclude>__TOC__<!-- START OF BLOCK -- 1. COPY & PASTE this BLOCK to below the END OF BLOCK line.
2. PASTE it before any pre-existing proposal,
3. then OVERWRITE the place holders with your information,
5. Click [Show preview] to check formatting, and adjust as necessary.
6. Click [Save page] to complete the edit.
===<Your proposal's pithy name here>=== :'''Rationale:''':: <Your rationale here>:'''Features:''':# <1st feature here>:# <2nd feature here>:'''Implementation Details:''':: <Details here>:'''Reviewer Comments:''':: comments here (signed with: -->~~~~)END OF BLOCK line</noinclude><!-- Pre-existing Proposal Block Existing proposals block below: --> 
* See Sascha Silbe's [ version support project] specifically [ datastore-redesign] (click the raw blob data link at the top of the page to see the HTML rendered in your browser), and this [ mailing list thread], or this [ compilation of the discussion] in context with the proposal document.

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