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Design Team/Proposals/Toolbars/Activity-wide Toolbar mock-ups

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===[[Design Team/Proposals/Toolbars/Icons#Activity-wide Toolbar mock-ups|IconsActivity-wide Toolbar mock-ups]]====== <noinclude>:'''Rationale:''':: This proposal was an exploration that included early mockups based on Turtle Art and Write using a new Activity view toolbar design. Main goals for the new toolbar design were for the Stop button to be available at all times; to replace the text tab sub-toolbar metaphor with something visual & larger; secondary toolbars ===that can be locked open to provide more tool space when needed. This work (after much discussion) eventually led to the new toolbar designs that landed in Sugar 0.86. --[[User:Garycmartin|Garycmartin]]:'''Features:''':# <1st feature here>:# <2nd feature here>:'''Implementation Details:''':: <Details here>:'''Reviewer Comments:''':: <comments here>
The 'Eye' icon can be easily confused with the Record media activity.
It might be re-purposed generally for media controls, and the view controls moved to the activity sub-toolbar:
Alternatively, more room on the Browse main toolbar could be achieved by providing a [[#Browse page toolbar|page sub-toolbar below]].
=== Media toolbar ===
=== Browse page toolbar ===
This new composite toolbar would provide page-related controls, e.g., search, undo/redo, copy/paste, shrink/enlarge, full screen, show bookmarks.
* It would do away with the 'Edit' toolbar that had the 'Cut' (scissors) as an icon (but no cut action).
* The trigger for this is simply hover or alternate click. The outline down-arrow is a possible new hint for this behavior.
* Standard click would Reload as normal.
=== [[Design_Team/Proposals/Toolbars#Activity_wide_Toolbar_mock-ups|Activity-wide Toolbar mock-ups]] ===
* Lots and lots of icon work
==== Writes View toolbar ====
[[Image:toolbar_mockup_gary_write_view.png|thumb|centre|640px|The Write view icon just fits in the space available (given a slight reduction in the title length input area).]]

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