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Creating branches:
== Creating branches: ==
* Each branch (eg: glucose-0.9092) is a directory in the translations directory
Each project is a subdirectory inside this directory (eg: glucose-0.90/sugar)
These are actually symlinks to directories /var/lib/pootle/checkouts
* There's a script called[1] It is invoked as category GIT_URL checkout_directory [branch]
So, assuming the directory /var/lib/pootle/translations/sucrose-0.90 glucose92 exists,you can issue a commandthese commands: glucose92 sugar sucrose-0.92 glucose92 sugar-base sucrose-0.92 glucose92 sugar-toolkit sucrose-0.92 sucrose-0.90 git:// sugar sucrose-0.90 glucose92 sugar-base sucrose-0.92

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