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Design Team/Proposals/Journal

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Add GMail-style journal proposal
[[Image:journal_mockup_gary_list_extended_palette.png|thumb|centre|640px|The list view palette is extended here to cover sorting feature requirements. View by last edit (modification date), is the current presentation of the Journal. View by creation date, would list objects creation date (do we store this?), when in this mode rather than "16 min ago", the time column would display the real creation date "Today 12:30pm", "July 5th", "November 10th 2008". View by storage size, would sort by storage space taken up so that large files could be removed if short on space, the column usually used for showing time would instead show Kb/Mb type information (no extra columns need, and helps show what sort context a list view is in.)]]
==== GMail-style tag view ===
Tags drag-and-drop-able from a left-side palette.
[[Image:journal_mockup_cscott.png|thumb|center|640px|GMail-inspired Journal mockup.]]

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