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Development Team/Jhbuild/Ubuntu

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Karmic (9.10) is EOL, so no version of Ubuntu is supported anymore
== Supported versions ==
Currently only Karmic (9.10) '''Ubuntu is supported. All more currently unsupported''' because all recent versions of Ubuntu lack at least one important package([ python-xpcom]).
== Prerequisites ==
== Significant bugs ==
Karmic (9.10) has a * [ broken D-Bus security configuration] that prevents sugar-emulator from working (because Xephyr cannot work).On all versions * [ sugar-emulator doesn't work properly if the X server uses evdev as keyboard driver] (because of a Xephyr bug).* [ python-xpcom missing] (and thus Browse cannot work)
== Potential pitfalls ==
* gtk-recordmydesktop may prevent sugar-emulator from working properly

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