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Sugar Labs can greatly improve its effectiveness with only modest levels of funding for key developers, infrastructure, travel to meetings, and other such functions. A variety of funding opportunities exists. Here are some projects that have been funded elsewhere, where we would be natural grant recipients or partners.

* [ UNRWA and OLPC] in Palestinian refugee camp schools
* UNDP funding of [ digitizing textbooks in Bangladesh]
* [ Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship] for creating [ e-learning materials for South Africa]
* [ WK Kellogg Foundation] [ Educated Kids program]
* Global [ microfinance movement], started by Prof. Muhammad Yunus
* [[Replacing Textbooks#Plan_Ceibal_project|Uruguay RFP]] for up to 1,000 e-learning resources
* Externally funded projects at [ FLOSS Manuals], particularly [ How to Bypass Internet Censorship] ( and [ Introduction to the Command Line] (FSF)


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