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=== Accommodation ===
==== List your name here if you need accommodation ====
* {| class="wikitable"|-! Person! Nights needed! Preference|-| Christoph Derndorfer* | 9-14| |-| Daniel Drake| 10, 11| Whatever's cheap (dorm fine), but would pay a small amount more to share a private room|-| Raul Gutierrez|||-| Gary Martin|||-| Simon Schampijer| 9-11| Private room (shared with 1 other?)|-| Sascha Silbe|||-|} Venue: 30 Avenue Corentin Cariou, 75019 Paris, FR Accomodation options (sorted roughly from cheapest to nicest):* [ Woodstock hostel] budget hostel. Daniel stayed here before, it's not the nicest place in the world (but he'd stay again).* [ B&B Hotel PARIS Porte de la Villette]. Really cheap "internet offer" hotel rooms - ~18 euro per person per night for a twin? [ Dodgy at night?]. 1km to venue.* [ St Christophers Hostel]. Massive hostel. 1.2km to venue.* [ Perfect hotel & hostel] affordable double/triple rooms, with private apartments nearby. 4.2km from venue. --> fully booked already [[User:ChristophD|ChristophD]] 08:52, 19 August 2011 (EDT)* [ Le Montclair Hostel] - a little more expensive. 3.6km to venue.* [ Caulain Square Hostel]. 4.8km from venue. === Off-schedule hacking sessions === There is separate space available on Saturday and Sunday for hacking sessions, and Bastien is looking for somewhere for Monday too (if not, we can tour some cafes). Ideas for sessions (please add/edit):* Focus on a couple of 11.3.0 issues (Daniel Drake, Simon, Saturday afternoon?)* Finish some pending design discussions (Simon, Gary Martin)* The road to PyGI/GTK3: no-hippo, porting Sugar theme to GTK3, etc. (Daniel, Simon Schampijer, Raul, Sunday and Monday?)* Extra documentation session: wikification of OLPC's new deployment guide PDF, documentation for ongoing Haiti efforts (Christoph)

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