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Archive/Current Events/2008-06-29

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=== Sugar Digest ===
1. Latest Sucrose: The new [[ReleaseTeam/Releases/Sucrose/0.81.1|Sucrose]] 0.81.3 Development Release is now available. The release has some new features, including: Manual reordering of the Home view icons; a freeform layout of the Home view icons; improved feedback on activity startup; support for custom certificates in Browse; alt+tab activity switching; etc. We are now in feature freeze, so the short-term focus will be on testing, bug triaging and fixes. The community has done a great job in that we achieved practically all the features that we had targeted. Thanks to everyone that made this possible and special kudos to the Sugar release team.
Detailed release notes can be found in the wiki (Please see [[ReleaseTeam/Releases/Sucrose/0.81.3]]); a sugar-jhbuild branch for the release can be found here (;a=shortlog;h=sucrose-0.81.3).

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