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service pootle start or /etc/init.d/pootle restart
== Files ==
===== project_list.ini =====
The {{Code|/var/lib/pootle/maintenance/helpers/potupdater/project_list.ini}} is an Ini file that contains configuration for all used sources repositories. Each section describes one sources repository, where section name is full path to the directory with sources, and contains following options:
* {{Code|project}} required, meaning-less project name;
* {{Code|vcs}} required, the type of VCS for; supported values are: {{Code|git}};
* {{Code|method}} required, the method how to generate {{Code|.pot}} files from sources; supported values are: {{Code|bundlebuilder}} for activities, {{Code|intltool}} for intltool based projects;
* {{Code|layout}} required, ?;
* {{Code|ignore-files}} optional, the semicolon separated list of file paths that are relative to the sources root; if {{Code|method}} is {{Code|bundlebuilder}} this value will be used to ignore while producing {{Code|.pot files}};
== References ==

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