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Document installation of VM "identity" on treehouse
== Description ==

<code>identity</code> is a 64bit VM running Debian Squeeze for the client certificate based OpenID provider.

== Installation ==

=== Base system ===

sudo virsh vol-create-as treehouse identity-root 8G
sudo virt-install --ram=512 --name=identity --arch=x86_64 --vcpus=1 --hvm \
--accelerate --disk vol=treehouse/identity-root --network=network:default \
--nographics --extra-args='console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200n8 expert' \

This will create a new VM and run the Debian installer inside it, with an emulated serial console attached to stdio.

Config options:
* english, US, US keyboard
* identity,
* use entire disk, all in one, remove swap, recreate / (full size), noatime + user_xattr
* user "administrator" (not used) with root password (manually removed later)
* package sets: "Standard system", "SSH server"

After reboot:
* Log in as root with password (still via emulated serial console)
* <code>passwd -d root</code>
* <code>aptitude install etckeeper monkeysphere</code>
* Set up monkeysphere as usual (host key, user authentication, keyserver)
* Set up second network interface with static IPv4 address, IPv6 tunnel
* Shutdown and (re)start VM (needed for libvirtd to create the network interface - <code>attach-interface</code> didn't do it)

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