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Features/Evince Introspection Bindings

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== Summary ==
The pygtk bindings used until F14 to use the evince backend in Read activity, are no longer present in F16.
We need use the new gi based bindings
== Owner ==
== Current status ==
* Targeted release: (SUGAR_VERSION)0.96* Last updated: (DATE)25/10/2011* Percentage of completion: XX0%
== Detailed Description Initial information ==
* The bindings are not ready to use. We need work closely with upstream to solve the remaining issues.
There are a bug related
and the method factory_get_document needed to open a document, is marked as not introspectable
=== Implementation plan ===
The first step is port this simple demo to gtk3:
e = evince.View()
docmodel = evince.DocumentModel()
doc = evince.document_factory_get_document('file:///path/to/file/example.pdf')
== Benefit to Sugar ==

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