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Adding activities
=== Adding activities ===
''Note:'''''The git url must be writable by Pootle.'''
2!root@pootleBefore registering new activity on http:/var/lib/pootle/maintenance/helpers/admin# sudo -u pootle python ./ honey git:// fototoon ******** Cloning git, make sure that:// to /var/lib/pootle/checkouts/honey/fototoon ********* Running git clone git:// /var/lib/pootle/checkouts/honey/fototoon Initialized empty Git repository in /var/lib/pootle/checkouts/honey/fototoon/.git/ ******** Switching to branch master ********* Running git checkout --track -b master origin/master Running git pull Already up-to-date. ********* Git operation completed, moving to next stage ******** ********* Searching for POT file ********* ********* Found POT file FotoToon.pot ********* ********* Starting to symlink files ********* Linking /var/lib/pootle/checkouts/honey/fototoon/po/es.po to /var/lib/pootle/translations/honey/es/fototoon.po Linking /var/lib/pootle/checkouts/honey/fototoon/po/fr.po to /var/lib/pootle/translations/honey/fr/fototoon.po Linking /var/lib/pootle/checkouts/honey/fototoon/po/FotoToon.pot to /var/lib/pootle/translations/honey/templates/fototoon.pot ********* Done Symlinking *********
* Do New activity is being hosted on;* The {{Code|pootle}} user was added to the repository with commit access rights;* You have a proper {{Code|GIT_URL}} to clone repository from, e.g., {{Code|git://}}; that might be found on home page in gitorious, e.g.,, in ''Clone & push urls'update from templates'field with selector '' on the ''templatesGIT'' ;* You know the proper {{Code|CATEGORY}} name to register the project in,* There is an unique {{Code|NAME}} of activity, this name will be used as a name of project on in Pootle's frontendand directory name;* You know the proper {{Code|BRANCH}} in Git repository to use for translation; by default, it is {{Code|master}}.
*Then run To process the '''''' script in order registration, login to have all the langpootle.po in and enter:
* sudo -u pootle python /var/lib/pootle/maintenance/helpers/admin/ ''<CATEGORY>'' ''<GIT_URL>'' /var/lib/pootle/checkouts/''<CATEGORY>''/''<NAME>'' [''<BRANCH>''] After that, for [ pootle-helper] project in {{Code|potupdater/project_list.ini}}, add the following strings:  [/var/lib/pootle/checkouts/''<CATEGORY>''/''<NAME>''/po/''<.pot-filename>''] project = ''<NAME>'' vcs = git method = bundlebuilder layout = gnu Commit new changes, and pull from on pootle VM:  (cd /var/lib/pootle/maintenance/helpers; sudo -u pootle git pull origin master) Do ''update from templates'' on the ''templates'' project on Pootle's frontend. And wait until daily cron job will populate languages for newly registered project, or run it immediately:  sudo -u pootle python /var/lib/pootle/maintenance/helpers/admin/ Then your activity must be in place to be translated and ''commit to VCS/update from VCS'' links must be activated.
=== Working with git in the pootle server ===

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