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Documentation Team/User Manual

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| [[Documentation Team/User Manual|english]] &#124; [[Documentation Team/User Manual/lang-es|español]] }}
 {{TOCrightObsolete|This page serves as a historical reference until it is restructured by a new Documentation Team. (Volunteers needed.)}}{{DatedNote/note|Documentation development is proceeding at this FLOSS Manuals Booki website<br>[ One Laptop per Child / Sugar Labs].}}One should see 
====The Sugar user manual====
<span class{{Highlight|bgcolor="plainlinks"> [|'''''This Sugar http://wikimanual hosted at FLOSS Manuals is more current than the remaining obsolete content on this]</span>available as: '''''}}<span class="plainlinks">[ HTML] or [{{FlossmanualPDFFlossmanualBlock}} .pdf] 128 pages, 8.3 MBytes (for saving or printing).</span> 
==How To Use Sugar==
* [[Documentation Team/Glossary]] of Sugar terms
[[Category:General public]]

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