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''"Crear uno, dos, tres... mil Wikipedias" Comandante Ernesto Wales''
=== How to Create a new wikipedia activity or update a an existing activity ===
This page describes how to generate the data files needed to create a wikipedia activity like
and this will show you the content in wiki format of the selected page.
At this stage, the process will be slow, because need it needs to search for every template
and do all the templates substitutions.
To have faster results we will apply templates substitutions in all the pages.
== Optimze the data and download images ==
To expand the templates you need go out of the data directory:
cd ..
./tools2/ es_lat
When finish, you need change again go back to the data directory:
cd es_lat
The option --delete_all is used to remove the old index
If you want to include images in your wikipedia activity , you can go again to your data directory and do:
cd es_lat
This command will download the images included in the pages in favorites.txt.If you want to include the images in all the pages, you should do:
../tools2/ --all
A An option --cache_dir=directory is available if you have images already downloaded
in another directory to acelerate the process.
to point to your new data files or create a new different file, for example
If you create a new file, you will need to modify the file activity/ to point to this new file.
Now, you can test your changes, starting the wikipedia server:
In any web browser in the same computer you can look to a page, to check if is working:
In this example, we look at the page "Energía" pointing to '''http://localhost:8000/wiki/Energía'''
You can create a new icon too, or modify the existing activity/activity-wikipedia-es.svg file.

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