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pages_selected-level-1 and modify your favorites.txt and/or blacklist.txt
files and rerun the process if you want to modify the selection.
=== The case of wikipedias with few articles ====
If the wikipedia in the selected language have less than 40000 articles, is possible include all the articles in the activity, then is not needed create the favorites.txt file. You can do the selection of all the articles doing:
../tools2/ --all
== Create the index ==
Now, in the directory dist, a new .xo file will be created and you can distribute it.
== Other changes needed ==
=== Image identifier ===
If after finish the process of the files, the images are not displayed in the pages, check if the image identifier is included in the set imageKeywords in the file mwlib/ For example, in the Quechua wikipedia, the image identifier is "rikcha" and we needed add it because was not included.

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