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=== Object of this HowTo ===
This HowTo explain explains how to update the data files in the wikipedia activities or how to create new activities with other languages or selection different selections of differentarticles.
Is The procedure is not very difficult if you already have a Sugar environmentsetup. If you have doubts or the information provided is not adequate, please contact me at ''gonzalo at laptop dot org '' or in the sugar-devel mailing list and I will try to help and improve this page.
If you want to create a wikipedia activity in your language, and do not have the technical resources, but can help translating a few files and doing quality control, contact me and I will help you to create the activity.
=== How to Create a new wikipedia activity or update an existing activity ===
This page describes how to generate the data files needed to create a wikipedia activity like
[ Wikipedia es] or [ Wikipedia en].
The general idea is to download an XML dump-file (backup) containing the current Wikipedia pages for a given language, this will be processed to then process the dump and select certain pages and compress them into a self-contained Sugar activity. Whether or not to include the images from the wiki articles will have a large impact on the size of the activity.
Generating a Wikipedia activity requires a computer with a lot of available disk space, ideally lots of RAM and a working Sugar environment. It is probably best to use packages provided by your favorite Linux distribution or in a virtual machine. The wikipedia xml file is very large (almost 6 GB for the Spanish wikipedia, and it is even bigger in English), and you will need lots of space to generate temporary files. The process has does take a long run-lot of time, but it is mostly automated, although you will need to confirm success at each stage of the process before moving on to the nextone.
== Download the wikipedia base activity ==

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