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Browse functionality and the replacements
* undo/redo/copy/paste '''DONE'''
* search in Document '''DONE'''
* style text found in search, put yellow background, [http <span style="background:#f6aa08; color:black">''ENHANCE''<// patch], span> we need to set the background color of the widget as well accordingly to make the currently selected match better visible as well
===View toolbar===
* fullscreen '''DONE'''
* show/hide tray '''DONE'''
* style tray in the theme, <span style="background:#ff8080; color:black">''FIXME''</span> patch: ''SugarHTray * , SugarVTray * { background-color: @toolbar_grey;}''
===Home Button===
* normalize text entry and autosearch '''DONE'''
* auto completion '''DONE'''
* represent loading status<span style="background:#ff8080; color:black">''FIXME''</span>
** change cursor to busy cursor?
** update the bottom overlay with a status message?
===Stop button===
* quit activity (active downloads?)'''DONE'''
* download a file, [ patch] that implement downloads (invoking a download from a palette does not work yet)'''DONE'''* check for active downloads when closing, see patch above ^^'''DONE'''
* upload a file, rewrite for webkit, Epiphany will not help us in this one it just let webkitgtk handle it which uses the standard GtkFileChooser dialog, [ asked on the list for ideas]. The html field is <form><input type=file> <span style="background:#ff8080; color:black">''FIXME''</span>
===Link palettes===
* follow link, start download: the tricky bit is how to invoke the palette<span style="background:#ff8080; color:black">''FIXME''</span>
===Start all instances in the same process===
===Authenticate with schoolserver===
* Create a HTTP Cookie to authenticate with the Schoolserver, Epiphany is as well using the 'cookies.sqlite' database, we can reuse that, you can use libsoup for the management, the session we get with ''WebKit.get_default_session()'', see ''embed/ephy-embed-single.c'' and'' lib/ephy-profile-migrator.c'' for a migrator.<span style="background:#ff8080; color:black">''FIXME''</span>
* Display pages based on locale specific information, [ patch]'''DONE'''
===Don't autoplay flash, embed in web page===
* see agent-stylesheet.css in Browse how we did this before (test with web page)<span style="background:#ff8080; color:black">''FIXME''</span>
There is a free Safari (using WebKit) plugin that does the same:
* CAcert<span style="background:#ff8080; color:black">''FIXME''</span>
===View Source===
===Set DPI===
The page should be zoomed for the screen in use<span style="background:#ff8080; color:black">''FIXME''</span>, links about the subject:
* what we used to set in hulahop: [ layout.css.dpi]
* [ attribute in webkitgtk]
===Identify Sugar version through Browser===
This can be done using the user agent, [, patch].'''DONE'''

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