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Creating a build: document image variants
Upon completion, the new image will be available in <tt>build/output</tt>.
Now copy it on a USB stick and test it on your target.
=== Available variants ===
There's a set of configuration files for each variant of the images you can build. You only need to specify the top-level file (i.e. none of the <code>*-common.ini</code> files) to build an image:
:Works on [[olpc:XO-1|XO-1]], includes Gnome. Not recommended unless you're running from an external SD card as the free space available on the internal NAND is too limited with Gnome installed.
:Works on [[olpc:XO-1|XO-1]], does not include Gnome. This is the recommended image for XO-1s.
:Works on [[olpc:XO-1.5|XO-1.5]] (including XO-1.5 [[olpc:OLPC_English_Non-membrane_Keyboard|HS]]), includes Gnome. Some teachers and older students seem to like Gnome, so you can trade off some of the free space that could be used by the Journal for the additional desktop environment.
:Works on [[olpc:XO-1.5|XO-1.5]] (including XO-1.5 [[olpc:OLPC_English_Non-membrane_Keyboard|HS]]), doesn't include Gnome. More space for the Journal, so use this one if your users don't ask for Gnome and you haven't paid for a larger (i.e. > 4GB) SD card.
:Experimental [[olpc:XO-1.75|XO-1.75]] image with Gnome.
:Experimental [[olpc:XO-1.75|XO-1.75]] image without Gnome.
== Debugging ==

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