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Design Team/Proposals/Touchscreen/On-screen Keyboard

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Existing solutions
* [] You can run Maliit on Fedora 16: and did run the "maliit-keyboard-viewer" example:
* [ Previous research from Saymindu]
* [ Caribou] is the backend used with the gnome-shell onscreen keyboard [ feature page], [ design page], [ blog post] and [ bug] with implementation details and discussion of maliit in GNOME shell . And here is the GNOME shell keyboard [ code]. It is part of GOME 3.2 (Fedora 16). You can get to it when you click on the accessibility button at the top right of the screen and enable 'Screen Keyboard'. It will come up then when you click in the url entry in Epiphany or if you bring it up by hand. It does not come up automatically when you want to type in the google search fr for example.

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