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[[Activities/Pilas/lang-es|Go to Pilas Activity page in Spanish]].
==Pilas.xo Project==
This brings the pilas-engine game development engine to Sugar, adapting it to the needs of the Sugar platform and adding elements to your learning curve.
We seek to facilitate a teaching tool for Python and game development.
This project was developed during the 2011 Sugar Junin Day[[Sugar Day Junin 2011]]==Links to the project==
* Activity. .XO [1]* Code [2]* Issues tracker [3]
* Name of branch 'pilasqt'. Command to take to the branch:
hg update pilasqt
What's done:
* Packaging the pilas-engine [4] to run on Sugar.* Incorporation of PyQt libraries [5] into the activity* Adding widget ninja-ide [6] , to have interactive shell on the same screen.* Generation of file dependencies needed for the project with PyInstaller [7]
* Creating the pilas.xo activity
* Bug: resize widgets
* Bug: set focus
* Documentation of how it is packaged with Qt activity [8] for Sugar
* define user guidelines and make mockups
* typical Pippy examples [9]
* interpreter and code editor tabs
* option to run in fullscreen or box
* Document examples / startup guide
==Future Work==
We must turn this into a roadmap ...

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