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Activities/Turtle Art/Using Turtle Art Sensors

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The XO-1 is protected at the input by a 5V zener diode. The allowable input is -0.5V to 5V. Inputs outside this range will cause excessive current and damage. Even a single 1.5V battery can cause damage if connected reverse polarity.
The XO-1.5 is and XO-1.75 are protected by a resistor,(1/16W 470 ohm SMD0402) and a pair of diodes to ground and to +3.3V which should protect -6V to +9V continuously, and up to higher voltages for shorter periods of time.
The XO-1.75 also has the 470 ohms series resistor 3 protection is expected to the 2 diodes. If the resistor has the same wattage then the limits are be the same.
For the XO-1, the addition of a 150k ohm series resistor would (I expect, no guarantee) give a reduced sensitivity in voltage mode (0-4V) but allow inputs to +- 100V without damage. Input impedance in resistance, volume and pitch modes is much lower but a 1k ohm series resistor should still allow inputs to +-12V.

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