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Sugar Creation Kit/sck/Activities

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{{Merge|Sugar Creation Kit/Activities}}====[[File:Activites-Logo.png|100px|link=Sck/activitiesActivities|Activities]] [[Sck/activitiesActivities|Activities]]====
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* Activities list:[[Activities]]
* [1] NEW--[[User:Satellit|Satellit]] 09:17, 23 March 2012 (EDT)
* OLPC AU: [ Activities_OLPCAU_10.1.3]
* '''[ Recursos_en_espanol] '''Los siguientes recursos han sido creados por personal de distintos deployments de America Latina y otros colaboradores.
*http:[[Design Team// Catalog]]
* [ '''make-your-own-sugar-activities'''] RECOMMENDED for developers.
: Chapters on supporting both old and new toolbars in the same Activity plus using Pootle in MYOSA

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