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Missing things (not ported yet)
def _configure_event_cb(self, widget, event):
I just used the ''size-allocate'' signal to save the the dimensions of the widget (width and height), so I can use them later on the '''draw''' signal.
def _size_allocate_cb(self, widget, rect):
self.width = rect.width
self.height = rect.height
== Focus ==
* I had to add a third argument (None) to Gtk.Notebook.append_page but I don't know why
* Use '''json''' instead of ''simplejson'' or so
* Replace <tt>gtk.VISIBLE</tt> by '''Gtk.AccelFlags.VISIBLE'''
= Missing things (not ported yet) =
* '''' is not working. The board is not shown. Do we update this to keep it working? I mean, do we need to maintain this code?
* [<span style="color: green;">DONE</span>] <del>help dialogue is not working. It didn't show shows the example board but it's one pixel size when it opens</del>* When the help dialogue is shown and you hover the animation with the mouse something strange happens and it starts to flap. [ Screenshot]
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