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Design Team/Proposals/Activity Management

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Intermediate Activity new/resume View
* Previous dialogue based design [[File:Design_mockup_100710_home_overlay-2_christian.pdf|mockup work]].
* Design sketch [[File:Mockup-intermediate-activity-start-UI.jpg|thumb|centre|640px|Sketch showing proposed features for an intermediate Activity start view]]
==== Requirements ====
* Must appear quickly for immediate feedback of Activity icon click/touch. No more than 1000ms, ideally some visual update should happen in 100ms (e.g. white blanking before we currently see the activity pulsing icon draw). Some UI content, such as image thumbnails, can be delayed as long as the rest of the UI & intermediate thumb placeholders are there.
* Must allow closing/stopping/cancelling so the user can back out quickly if they change their mind
===Start new activity===

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