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Propose a feature for addition into the release cycle
# Community consensus: There should be more YES than NO in the community for this Feature.
#* Send an email to sugar-devel mailing list with [FEATURE] tag in the subject asking for feedback. This is to give the community (deployments, developers, teachers etc) the chance to comment.
#* If your feature adds UI or changes the current UI please add as well the [DESIGN] tag to the subject. Please add the flag as well if the work flow does change or new ones are added. The Design Team should be involved in the discussion to guarantee a consistent design and a consistent work flow in Sugar. When presenting the feature to the release manager the design must does not have to be ready fully completed but the discussion should have been started.
# Documentation: In order to be considered an official feature accepted for the next Sugar release, the feature should be formally documented on a separate wiki page. The wiki page is the same page than the one from above (a blank template is available at [[Features/Feature Template]]). Please make sure it includes the following information.
#* Summary of the feature

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