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* [ Paint on OLPC wiki]
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== GSOC 2013 ==
''' Implement collaboration in Paint Activity '''
To implement this task, you need look at the Paint activity sources, and how other activities implement collaboration. One good example is TurtleArt. Simple text messages are interchanged to communicate the different instances.
Then you need create a message for every operation, and every change of state of the tools (like when you change pencil color, size, etc), and do the operation at the other side when the message is received.
Paint code is not very well organized. You can need reorganize the code to achieve a better separation of the operations and the layer receiving messages from network or from the local ui.
Also if we have a registry with the data of all the operations performed, we can implement a better Undo/Redo mechanism than the actual (right now, a full copy of the screen is stored after every operation)
As a final note, Paint use two different canvas to draw. One while the operation is done, and is discharged for every change in the mouse position. The other where the draw is copied when the movement is finished and the mouse button is up.

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