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David Farning
=Web Services Coordination =David Farning==I am a new contributor to Sugar Labs.
===In progress=Mission ==What does the project do?
*Create Provides a runtime for the web activity* Provides tools to build a web activity* Encourages feedback from web developers* Detects patterns between web activities and implement tools for shortcutting them.* Should the project encourage “good practices” ??
==Vision ==emailHow will the world be better if the project succeeds? * Adopting web developers to build web activities * There is a growing world of amazing tools and libs for web development that could be exploited on web activities.* Smoothing the port of existing web apps to sugar (like games, etc) == Values ==The foundation upon which integrity is based. * Be able to change and adapt fast without risk and losing quality* automated testing* code coverage* safe refactoring* Decision making should be done by measuring data and not by tastes and feelings* Framework should be easy to introduce to web developers ==Impact ==Where we want to be in two years? * ??? =Road Map = ?? = Project specification =  ?Technical tasks which must be completed prior to final releaseSourceMapsosbuild webkitgtk version: 2.0.4API doc (something like reader as a QA cycleMost of the problems were observed when rendering ebooks and navigating them.The idea is to make a web activity using an existing ebook web reader.How to do state persistence on web activities???localStoragedatastore.jsdictstore.js  cycle a:Current status of web activities (with sugar 0.100)Simple web activities are able to be madeosbuild works well as devel environment on Ubuntu 12.04 and Fedora18, but it lacks for well defined development flowIt’s possible to do some state persistence through js API, but there is no doc about itSL discourages the use of x2js compilers (and minifiers) due to current webkitgtk does not support SourceMapsWebCam support is unknownTo doDocumenting persistence APIAdd support for Sugar 0.98 (?)Define development flow for web activitiesAdd support for SourceMapResearch webcam support (try out HTML5, media access)Documenting internationalization methoddfarning@gmailMake a porting of a GTK-based activity ( BookReader)

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